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Superhero Epic Battle Game

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Superhero Epic Battle

Who is your favorite superhero? You can now play with the most awesome team of superheroes; of course there are two who battle for supremacy: D.C and Marvel! In the D.C. team you could play with Batman, Superman, Flash or Green Lantern, while in the Marvel team you could choose Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk or Dead pool! Incredible cast, right? Select the team you support and enter the arena with your super car and try to destroy your opponents. Just do not hit your team mates, because you need your team to win. During the fifteen levels of this epic battle you can pick up all kind of exciting power ups which will give you the upper hand for a few seconds. Between levels you can repair your vehicle, improve it or buy a new and better one and you can also buy some amazing upgrades. Just make sure you collect enough money to get them all. Have a blast!

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